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The Prestissimo Uno+ is a platform for rapid electronics development and prototyping that brings us the simplicity, ease of use and reliability of the Arduino Uno but with extended functionality. 

Despite numerous other options, the Arduino Uno has remained the most popular electronics prototyping platform for makers, engineers and hobbyists alike. At the heart of its success is the simplicity, ease of use and reliability of the AVR microcontroller.  Unfortunately the Arduino Uno has an extremely limited feature set. Often makers and developers are forced to compromise their design or to move to more complex platforms increasing time-to-market and making DIY projects less doable.

The Prestissimo Uno+ uses the new ATMEGA328PB microcontroller - an updated version of the Arduino Uno's ATMGEA328P microcontroller. The "PB" version of the MCU builds on pre-existing functionality to include more SPI, UART and I2C ports (two of each instead of one), 9 PWM channels instead of 6, 8 ADC channels instead of 6, and 24 IO instead of 20 among other improvements. As the micro-controllers are so similar, full Arduino Uno compatibility is maintained meaning you get increased functionality while preserving the Arduino Uno experience.

Prestissimo Uno+ makes electronics more accessible for maker and hobbyists while reducing debugging cycles, hardware re-spins, time to market and ultimately development costs for the developer.

Prestissimo Uno+ is also one of the few development platforms for the new ATMEGA328PB chip currently available meaning Prestissimo Uno+ is perfect for those who just want to play with the new chip as well.